8 Interesting Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know


In case you’re searching for more security or need your Facebook page to change to hero mode, there are stunts for everything. Learn 8 of the best here. 

Facebook is an element weighty application. In the event that you’re not altering your experience on the informal organization even a smidgen, you’re certainly passing up a major opportunity. In case you’re searching for more security or you simply need your Facebook interface to change to superhuman mode, there are stunts for everything. If you face any issue while on facebook then simply contact facebook customer service number here you will get the best solution at any time anywhere.

Here are 8 acceptable Facebook stunts that you can utilize right currently to overhaul your Facebook experience. 

1. Eliminate Your Last Name from Your Facebook Profile 

How about we start with the most elaborate stunt. 

On the off chance that you need a touch more protection on Facebook (i.e., hold arbitrary individuals back from finding you and crawling on your profile!), this stunt could help. 

Actually, Facebook requires each client to present their first and last name when at first making a record for security reasons. 

When your record is made, however, you can sidestep this so just your first name shows on your profile and across Facebook. 

To start with, you’ll need to change your intermediary settings. (Note: These guidelines are for Google Chrome. To figure out how to do this in different programs, look at this guide from Digital Citizen.) 

  • Snap the ellipsis symbol in the upper-right corner of your program. It has three vertical spots, and when you mouse over it, it says Customize and control Google Chrome. 
  • Go to Settings. Look over right to the base and snap Advanced. Keep looking to System > Open intermediary settings. 
  • In case you’re on Windows, an Internet Properties box should spring up. Go to the Connections tab and snap on LAN settings. 
  • A Local Area Network (LAN) Settings box should spring up. Under Proxy Server, check the container for the alternative Use an intermediary worker for your LAN. 
  • Enter for the Address and 8080 for the Port (or utilize any Indonesian intermediary settings) and hit OK. 

When your intermediary settings are refreshed, you can go into Facebook to wrap up. 

  • On the versatile variant of Facebook, Go to Settings >> Language Settings. 
  • Under Language for catches, titles and other content from Facebook on this gadget pick Bahasa Indonesian and save. 
  • Hang tight for Chrome to consequently make an interpretation of the page back to English. (Or on the other hand right-click the page and pick Translate to English.) 
  • Go to Settings >> Personal data >> Name. Erase your last name and affirm the changes. 
  • Get back to the language settings and switch back to English. 
  • Presto! 

2. Change Your Display Language to ‘Privateer’ 

While we’re discussing language settings, did you realize Facebook has a “Privateer” choice? 

Note that there’s additionally an “Topsy turvy” choice in case you’re feeling extra unconventional. 

To make Facebook show in Pirate-talk: 

  • Go to Settings >> Language. 
  • Under the Facebook language setting, pick English (Pirate) starting from the drop menu and save. 

3. Quiet Friends in Your Feed Who Post Too Much 

Thus, you have one of those companions who appears to post at whatever point the disposition strikes. All. The. Time. 

You would prefer not to unfriend this individual, yet you need to see less of their *Random Thoughts* and images on your feed. 

In the upper-right corner of one of the guilty party’s new posts, click the ellipsis. This gives you alternatives that will help minister your News Feed. 

  • To quiet your companion’s posts (i.e., eliminate them from your feed without unfriending), pick Hide all from xx. 
  • In the event that you simply need a break from their posts, pick Snooze xx for 30 days. 
  • To see less posts of this nature as a rule, pick Hide post and make Facebook’s calculation more brilliant. 

4. Make Your Posts Fancier 

A fast method to make your Facebook posts somewhat more extravagant jeans is to utilize the Cool Fancy Text Generator. Use it to compose titles, short blurbs, or make words stick out. 

Type your content into the container, pick your style, at that point reorder into Facebook. You can even add fun images to tidy things up. 

5. Visit Your Facebook Townhall 

On the off chance that you might want to get more associated with neighborhood legislative issues, visit your Facebook Townhall to discover and follow your nearby taxpayer driven organizations and agents. 

You can likewise rapidly reach them to connect about an issue. 

6. Mood killer Birthday Notifications 

Of course, Facebook tells you in the first part of the day when it’s one of your companions’ birthday events. Obviously, on the off chance that you have a major rundown of companions, this can get irritating. 

To turn it off: 

  • Go to Settings >> Notifications. 
  • In the rundown of settings, discover Birthdays and turn it off. 

7. Download a Copy of All Your Facebook Data 

  • Truly, every last bit of it. 
  • Posts and photographs you’ve made or shared. 
  • Remarks you’ve posted. 
  • Messages you’ve sent and gotten. 
  • All that you have ever enjoyed or responded to. 
  • Your rundown of adherents and who you’re following. 
  • Indeed, even Pokes you’ve given and gotten (does anyone do those any longer?) are completely put away on Facebook. 

On the off chance that you need a duplicate of the data from one, a couple, or these classifications, it’s straightforward: 

  • Go to Settings >> Your Facebook Information >> Download Your Information. 
  • Snap the checkboxes close to the data classifications you’d prefer to remember for your document. Or on the other hand, channel by date range. 
  • Pick your configuration (HTML or JSON) and media quality, at that point hit Create File. 

8. Square App Invites and Game Requests 

Say your auntie will not quit welcoming you to play Bubble Shooter. On the off chance that you can’t bear it any longer, block those application welcomes from truly contacting you – she’ll be oblivious. 

  • Go to Settings >> Blocking. Look to Block application welcomes. 
  • Enter the name of the companion or relative who has an “welcome” trigger finger.


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