Which plants are used for terrariums in Singapore?


Terrariums are indeed very simple to keep hold of because of the flow of water, respiratory rate, and photosynthetic activity in the confined space. Plants that are adapted to them need very little fertilizer.

Besides, the use of terrariums has become common in several households. Still, for someone with little expertise on the subject, flowering plant terrariums seems very daunting. Whereas all the potted plants can grow in a terrarium setting, they are resilient and thin. Still, the ones that can reproduce are preferred.

To bring more appeal to potted plant terrariums, always select a range of plants, approximately four or five of varying heights, textures, and colors. This is how terrariums in Singapore are made.

  1. Moonvalley plant

The fragile shapes and finely patterned ridges in these plants make them classified as friendship plants. They are an essential addition to your terrarium. These plants are colored red on the surface, which makes them two-toned.

They are indeed a vibrant switch for terrariums populated mainly by green plants only.

  1. Ferns

The ferns love the warm soil solution and the dry conditions found within the terrarium. The shiny leaves glow inside the bottle, adding color and aesthetic attraction. It is perfect for the terrarium Singapore.

Ferns are closest to terrariums. They are indeed perfectly adapted to terrarium nature. They are adaptable to all kinds of environments with plenty of moisture and tons to consume. As much as any other form of the plant, they are available in all shapes and sizes.

  1. Begonias

Begonias are raised in terrariums, but it is advisable to grow them together since the controlled variables can be closely monitored. Begonias seem to be a comprehensive class of plants, giving a wide range of looks. Most even grow throughout the year-round, bringing lots of colors the entire year to an enclosed terrarium and making it look even more beautiful.

  1. Black mondos

It is extremely slow to propagate since it has to be branched out from the stems below the ground. Black Mondo Grass thrives under direct sunlight and even partial shade and requires to be maintained regularly. Black Mondos is considered an endangered plant attributable to its gloomy leaves. It can grow extremely tall  and flourish in the months of spring and summer.

It pulls out roots of its leaves that change from green to black, with small flowers emerging in the fall. At the time of its growth, it achieves a height of fifteen inches, and it is sufficient to fit well with wider terrarium tanks. It can also be kept safe by never watering it. Also, they need not be harvested to grow the plants low and out of bounds.


Terrariums have to be fed, but not as often as traditional houseplants. The plants used in terrariums are pretty different and do not need regular watering. In comparison, the greenhouse-like layout of terrariums absorbs water rather than melting away into the surrounding air with common houseplants. Have a sneak peek of terrariums in Singapore and you will get an idea of how to take things along.


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